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Kipnik Inc. Awarded 2 Year Contract for Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) Snare Hydro Camp Services

Kipnik has been awarded a two year contract for Northwest Territories Power Corporation’s (NTPC) Snare Hydro Camp Services. Kipnik is an Inuvialuit-owned company that provides customized facilities maintenance and operations, support services, airport services and wildlife security solutions throughout the Canadian Arctic. As a northern supplier and business on the Inuvialuit Business List (IBL), Kipnik has a strong track record of providing staff projects throughout the North. Kipnik is committed to operating with the mandate of developing long-term socio-economic benefits for Indigenous Peoples, businesses and communities.

The NTPC operates the Snare hydro system, which is located 145 km northwest of Yellowknife, NT. The system is comprised of four hydro sites along the Snare River. Kipnik is providing Red Seal chefs and housekeepers onsite 365 days a year to prepare food for NTPC workers and to clean the Snare Main Camp, Cascades House and several rooms at the airstrip garage.

Kipnik is experienced in operations and maintenance in harsh climates in remote locations similar to the challenges at the Snare hydro camp project. All remote environments have their own inherent dangers or challenges (e.g., short summers, cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, complex logistics and wildlife), which require planning tailored to the specific project location. In addition to our employees possessing certifications, such as food safety certificates and WHMIS, due to the remoteness of the locale Kipnik staff must also carry bear safety awareness, firearms safety, and St. John’s ambulance first aid certifications as extra precautions.

Kipnik brings decades of industry best practices and knowledge to the NTPC Snare Hydro Camp Services project. With Kipnik’s extensive experience operating in challenging locations in Canada’s North, they’re committed to hiring Indigenous suppliers and employees and providing training and development opportunities to local communities.