We are committed to promoting the economic, environmental, and overall well-being of Indigenous communities across the Arctic


Kipnik Community: Indigenous Perspective

Indigenous Perspective

Kipnik Inc. is committed to operating with the mandate of developing long-term socioeconomic benefits for Indigenous Peoples, businesses and communities

Kipnik can not only help by better equipping remote areas, but also by offering services for the North, by the North. After all, northern workers are best suited to work around the challenges of the North. Kipnik is committed to ensuring that local communities have better access to the training and education required by companies working in the Canadian Arctic. We do this to:

  • Build and maintain strong community relations
  • Bring local expertise to any project (the majority of our staff is Indigenous)

The progress made in improving accessibility to training and education is not only beneficial to the northern communities. An increase in a qualified local work force also guarantees a decrease in cost for companies operating in the Canadian Arctic. Since labour will be readily available locally, there will be no need to bring in labour from the South or different communities.

Kipnik’s strategic partnerships help maximize the working potential in remote communities by providing expertise and training across Canada

Kipnik promotes workplace diversity and Indigenous inclusion across all of our job sites and prides itself on hiring from local communities. We provide internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training opportunities to Indigenous communities. We believe the creation of skills and trades will benefit the local communities by bringing that expertise back to the communities in which they live. Our Apprenticeship and Internship Programs provide graduates the opportunity to pair academic knowledge with real life business experience to take their learning and skills to the next level. At Kipnik, we’re looking for individuals with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore these unique opportunities. As an employer, we’re committed to offering our employees a safe and enriching work environment. By helping community members get the right credentials, Kipnik gives northern communities the valuable experience they need for future employment.