Welcome to Kipnik
Welcome to Kipnik

Committed to the highest safety and quality standards to exceed expectations

Bear and Wildlife Monitoring
Bear and Wildlife Monitoring

Our leading wildlife management services team handles dangerous conditions so you won’t have to


Bear and Wildlife Monitoring Services

Kipnik has extensive experience in wildlife management and security. Our priority is maintaining the safety of our clients’ staff in the harshest of environments 

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About Us

Kipnik provides reliable site support services across the Arctic

Kipnik is an Inuvialuit-owned company experienced in remote Arctic locations, supplying 100% Canadian Content. Established by Founder and President Jason Okpik-Cutten when he realized that wildlife monitor positions in the North were being filled by southern companies with workers from the South. It only seemed natural that traditional knowledge held by Inuit and Inuvialuit people be utilized to fill these positions.


Giving back whenever we can

Through strategic partnerships, we have positioned ourselves to maximize the working potential in remote communities by providing expertise and training across Canada. By helping community members get the right credentials, Kipnik gives northern communities the valuable experience they need for future employment.